“We work in an area with a high level of complexity and handle all the development and testing of our electronics, HW and design software ourselves. We know our control systems inside out, which means we can quickly solve the challenges that our customers face. At the same time, we have enough experience to be able to see the bigger picture, which gives us an edge in terms of understanding the customer’s needs. We know our strengths and limitations and can – with a few helping hands from TekPartner – develop solutions that would normally require a much larger capacity measured in developer hours.

We use TekPartner when we’re stuck with a development task. It’s financially advantageous and also much faster to bring in a specialised consultant than to try to solve the challenge ourselves. We didn’t think about doing this 20 years ago, but we’ve learned through experience. When we need a consultant, it’s for ad hoc tasks that need to be done preferably ASAP. TekPartner’s size means that the company can provide a senior consultant for the task with the right skills at short notice.

Our collaboration began when TekPartner first started. We know TekPartner’s competencies and how the company works. The agreement with TekPartner is that the consultant transfers their knowledge so that we understand how the solution was developed by the time they’re finished. This means that the collaboration also helps to increase our own know-how in highly specialised areas. Erik is also associated with TekPartner’s consulting network as a senior developer in electronics and software, e.g. in the medical devices industry, while Carsten has been working on a large EU project in the field of laser engraving in recent years. The fact that we work on external projects in parallel with the development of Beyerholm & Moe International ensures that we’re always at the forefront of the market.

Our most recent collaboration with TekPartner involved developing tools for FPGA development that generated a number of ‘false’ warnings. To ensure real warnings were not overlooked, we needed to make the tool filter out the false warnings. We didn’t have enough experience with these tools, so we decided to solve the task with the help of a consultant. Previously, we’ve used HW assistance, for example, for setting parameters for controlling stepper motors.

Our industry is moving towards laser machining as an alternative to mechanical machining and is an area that is in rapid development. Therefore, there’s a time-to-market perspective while, at the same time, the products must be able to be continuously updated in order to perform in an ever-changing market.

Our fifth-generation motion controller is ready for the market. The steering has a high capacity, increased speed and precision. The design includes options for being able to change the configuration, while at the customer’s site too, which makes it very flexible. In addition to firmware upgrades, the controller also includes hardware reconfiguration. The software uses an acceleration profile that regulates the engine speed and maintains a completely smooth operation, which makes it suitable for laser engraving. Unlike, for example, pick and place robots, laser engraving requires the beam to move along the curves with high precision.

Our goal is to become a technological leader in the niche area that deals with low-end but quality laser machining. We produce better results than most of our competitors and can outperform others in the market because we’re agile and competitive on price and quality.”

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About Beyerholm & Moe International

Beyerholm & Moe International are among the world leaders in the development of control units for precision milling and engraving machines. The company has a development department in Denmark, production in the UK and dealers all over the world.

Beyerholm & Moe International was started in 2001 by Carsten Moe and Erik Beyerholm. The two partners have been in business together since 1982 when they started the consultancy firm Beyerholm & Moe, which they subsequently sold in 2000.

Case facts:

To ensure profitability and optimal time to market, Beyerholm & Moe International uses TekPartner’s senior consultants to solve ad hoc development tasks and boost learning internally in the company within highly specialised areas. The company is about to launch its fifth-generation motion controller on the market, which is especially designed for laser cutting and engraving.