We chose TekPartner based on qualifications and price. I don’t know of any other consultancy that can match TekPartner’s ability to allocate qualified developers from any discipline, and make it work. That’s why TekPartner is our primary supplier of consultants.

From a competitive standpoint, the setup with TekPartner has been extremely valuable because it means that we can progress faster and therefore meet engine delivery deadlines that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve otherwise. The collaboration opens the door to a lot of possibilities and gives us far greater readiness and a more agile organisation: it’s so easy to call TekPartner and tell them what I need, and then they deliver the right consultant for the job. There’s a big difference between hiring a permanent employee and a consultant. At TekPartner, they’re good at identifying the right consultants during the process – better than we do actually. Strategically, it can be easier for me to hire consultants rather than permanent employees due to the organisation’s headcount policy. At the same time, it allows us to increase productivity during peak times. Approximately 10% of my employees in Copenhagen are consultants at the moment.

MAN Energy Solutions has been working with TekPartner for 10 years with, among other things, VHDL for FPGA, Windows Image and C++. TekPartner’s consultants are completely knowledgeable about FPGA and our platform.

Successful pilot project in Eastern Europe

MAN’s low-cost department in India is good at testing and user interfaces, but they’re not geared for solving complex development tasks. So we needed to find out if this could be done in Eastern Europe instead. The cooperation with TekPartner has worked really well here too and has been very transparent: TekPartner set up a number of strategic models for collaboration from the start. Then my colleague and I took part in a fact-finding study tour where TekPartner introduced us to potential partners. After that, we got the green light to run a pilot project where the existing prototype for troubleshooting was rewritten in C++ in order to future-proof the tool and get the code and ownership of everything. The pilot project has made it possible for the data from our control system, which was expensive or impossible to send via satellite, to be downloaded to a flash drive. It has been really good working with consultants based in Eastern Europe; it was not more difficult working with a developer in Macedonia, Serbia or Belarus than if they were in Jutland.

Preparing for compiler and Cloud of the future

For the past three years, TekPartner has prepared our existing source codes and converted a number of systems to ensure that they are supported by Clang. The project should make it possible to limit, filter and select data so that it can be sent by satellite. The aim of digitalisation is for all vessels to be connected, so that we can offer shipowners, service providers and licensees solutions that optimise our engines and provide preventative maintenance. The first users will be presented at the SMM trade fair in the autumn. The next step in our digitalisation phase is to develop an agent that can interface between the control system and Cloud, so that you can order data within Life Cycle Maintenance, download new software, etc.

We recently sent three of TekPartner’s Danish consultants to our four-stroke engine branch in Augsburg. This branch faced huge challenges in recruiting competent engineers for the software part of the platform, so it was an obvious step to propose the same setup that we use. One of the three consultants was already employed in my department. I have complete confidence that they’ll be successful with him on board. We get fantastic feedback from the German side and expect that more consultants will work on this project in the future.”

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MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of two-stroke engines and stationary installations. The company has 50% global market share for two- and four-stroke engines. The engines are developed for manufacture by the company and by licensees. MAN Energy Solutions enables its customers to achieve sustainable value creation in the transition towards a carbon neutral future. Addressing tomorrow’s challenges within the marine, energy and industrial sectors, MAN Energy Solutions improve efficiency and performance at a systemic level. Leading the way in advanced engineering for more than 250 years, MAN Energy Solutions provide a unique portfolio of technologies. Headquartered in Germany, MAN Energy Solutions employs some 14,000 people at over 120 sites globally. MAN Energy Solutions after-sales brand, MAN PrimeServ, offers a vast network of service centers to our customers all over the world.

Case facts:

MAN Energy Solutions faced massive challenges in recruiting qualified senior software developers for an advanced C++ project in preparation for MAN’s digitalisation. The assignment was put out to tender and TekPartner was chosen to provide support. The cooperation has extended to include the parent company in Augsburg.