“From a management point of view, we established early on that we would only work with the best and most experienced technology profiles within embedded software, and that we weren’t ready to hire a large internal team.

We looked for an ‘on-demand’ technology partner who could help us professionally and securely from the get-go, and who had the expertise to build something scalable from day one. After a lengthy selection process, we chose TekPartner. Partly because of their experience in embedded software and the resources allocated the project. But most of all, we felt – and still feel – that they were passionate about our cause.

Our collaboration with TekPartner has meant that we’ve been able to hit the ground running and avoid a lot of mistakes early on relating to the scale of our technology solution. It’s also given us access to a wide network of technology experts. TekPartner has been good at complementing our internal tech team, and has always been able to step in when needed.

We have expanded our project portfolio in Africa, and have recently opened country offices with local teams in Kenya and Malawi. In addition, we have started a number of local partnerships in relation to our rollout. The latest version of our product has been authorised, and we’re about to start the production of 10,000 units.”


About M-PAYG
M-PAYG is a start-up that wants to disrupt the decentralised energy solutions market in developing countries using a combined software/hardware solution and a unique financing model.

A large group of people in developing countries don’t have access to electricity or the creditworthiness to obtain solutions such as solar panel systems. In Malawi, for example, the national electrification rate is only 9-11% out of the entire population. M-PAYG's solution allows low-income households to finance an environmentally friendly solar system that, using mobile payments, ensures they can repay loans at low rates: The solar panel system switches on each time the lessee pays their monthly rate using any type of cell phone. When the final payment is received, the system is unlocked, and the lessee owns the solution outright.

M-PAYG’s solar panel solution is sustainable and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the system is a cost-effective and beneficial alternative to using lamp oil.

M-PAYG has won a number of awards for the development of their solar panel system, including the Danish Design Award 2017, the Copenhagen Fintech Impact Startup Award 2017 and the World Summit Award 2017.

Case facts:

With the goal of becoming ‘the preferred quality energy option for low-income households in emerging markets’, M-PAYG developed a cloud-based solar panel system in 2015 to help millions of households in developing countries access to cheap, sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity. After successful pilots in Africa – using prototypes at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 – M-PAYG decided to bring TekPartner on board as their technological partner for the ambitious project.