“Our customers are in the manufacturing industry. They are responsible for keeping their employees safe from the harmful effects of industrial processes. In addition to meeting strict environmental workplace standards, our customers face increasing regulatory requirements regarding the release of emissions into the environment.

This means that their operations need to be as safe, clean and energy-efficient as possible, and these are areas that we want our new products to address.

Connected products open up an opportunity for us to create safe, clean and energy-efficient operations for our customers and therefore expand our position in the value chain. That’s why we are developing smart products and services that offer remote monitoring for customers. Until recently, our electronic controls were made just for the running of the product – a simple platform we got from another third-party supplier. There were no interfaces allowing connectivity through IoT. To upgrade the control platform for the filters, we needed a team with IoT engineering skills, which we did not have in-house.

TekPartner helped us build a new platform to control industrial filtration systems applicable to customers in many different industries, e.g. wood, foundries and metal fabrication. The solution includes a versatile energy management system that allows the air extraction process to run in a more energy-efficient way.

TekPartner was recommended to us because they had done a similar solution for another company. The great thing about TekPartner’s solution is that they own it. With a lot of other development houses, it’s usually the customer who owns the IP. But TekPartner’s ownership of the technology meant that they could reuse it in our product development. This not only shortened the development cycle, it removed some of the risk too. That was an important factor in choosing TekParter. It felt right and they showed that they had the edge.”

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About Nederman Holding AB

Founded by Philip Nederman in 1944, Nederman became a pioneer in developing solutions for air pollution control inside production facilities, protecting workers’ health and improving their workplace. Nederman has continued to develop products and systems for a safe, clean and efficient workplace, and today has the market’s most complete range of products and services to protect people, the planet and products from the harmful effects of industrial processes.

Case facts:

Nederman is developing new products and services that offer increased value for its customers. To do this, the company needed smart connected products that required IoT engineering skills – expertise that it did not have in-house. TekPartner helped create a new control platform for Nederman’s industrial filtration systems. This project has enhanced Nederman’s suite of products as well as its position in the value chain.