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Allow our experts to turn your ideas into factory-ready products.

Your hardware engineers may lack the ability to work across the many technologies used in most electronics today. Or perhaps your electrical design is simple enough that you don’t need a full-time engineer. Whatever the reason for outsourcing hardware development, TekPartner can develop your prototype so that it’s ready for manufacturing.

We match your project requirements to the most relevant engineers from our team of hardware experts who are experienced in high-volume, low-volume and high-quality projects. While design thinking is our trademark, we have a proven process for components and materials selection (BOM analysis), which means that we keep an eye on the cost of materials without compromising on design.

Our electronics engineers can handle every hardware platform for any type of industry in any country. Our expertise includes: optimisation for DMF and DFT, PCB design and modelling, signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility analysis, and JTAG testing.

Our electronics laboratory recreates factory conditions, which allows us to refine this process before production moves to the manufacturing site.

Do you have a project coming up and you’re not sure where to start?