Industrial design

Industrial design
Use award-winning design to boost your competitive advantage.

sketchcomp1From toasters to sporting goods – industrial design determines the features, appearance, materials and ergonomics of the many products we use daily.

The discipline involves developing aspects of a product that create emotional connections with the user – integrating and optimising all aspects of form, fit and function to create the best possible user experience. A vital process for significant competitive advantage in today’s markets.

TekPartner provides high-quality, character-infused design work with a strong sense of volume, shape and aesthetics. It is an inspired, meticulous approach that has resulted in successful, award-winning designs – always solidly underpinned by ergonomics and empathy with users.

We work closely with you to create a common understanding throughout the process, ensuring that solutions are well tailored to you and your customers. Our team can help you with the design brief, planning, research and analysis, conceptualisation, sketching, physical/digital modelling and visualisation.

Do you have a project coming up and you’re not sure where to start?